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The Peak is the highest point in Old Providence at 1.200 feet or the equivalent of 360 meters above sea level. The Peak Regional Park covers 26 acres (10.57 hectares) and is public property, belonging to the government of the archipelago. The Peak is part of the larger dry forest ecosystem, and is located within the nucleus zone of the Seaflower Biosphere Reserve. Because of its biological and geographical importance, the Peak was declared a Regional Park in 2007. The Peak is home to native plants and wildlife and a stopover for migratory birds.

The Peak is at the headwaters of the island where six large streams and gullies begin: Bowden, Lazy Hill, Freshwater, Gammadith Gully (Bottom House), Smooth Water Bay, and Bailey. Combined, these bodies of water and ravines make up the central watershed and main freshwater source for the island.  The park was established to protect this watershed and to preserve and recover the island’s dry forest. The forest is well preserved at this time, so it is very important to protect and properly manage it from now on, along with the area’s soil and water sources. The park is a beautiful place for both islanders and tourists to explore and enjoy.

Recreational Opportunities Available
  • Knowledge of different species of flora and fauna.
  • Trails
  • Landscape
Seasons Accessible

All year round.

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Latitude: 13.343882000
Longitude: -81.371596000
Elevation: 952 FT (290 M)
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Kenia Sjogreen
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